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Once you have found your dream venue, wedding date, and time of ceremony,
Please fill out our inquiry form. We will then send you the contract.  Please read and sign the contract. Submit a non-refundable deposit, which will be deducted from your total cost. You will receive your confirmation email with information about the next steps.

After we have received the contract and the non-refundable deposit, our on-site assistant will contact you via email for further information and to start the exiting process.

We do not hold dates. The dates will be officially confirmed once the non-refundable deposit is submitted, and the contract is signed.

Venues & Packages

Yes, we can schedule a site tour of our venues. We do need to know in advance, as we would have to show you when there are no events taking place. There may be a site tour fee.

  •   Hanalani Garden: 15-20 min drive away from Waikiki
  •   Angel Garden & Applause Estate: 20-30 min away from Waikiki
  •   Kailana Chapel: 30-40 min drive away from Waikiki

Yes, our venues are open for not just weddings; we welcome any type of event. You may book the venue for 90 minutes, or for a half-day reservation time, and you may add additional hours if needed. The times will include set up to break down and clean up.

All Packages include: 90 min venue fee, wedding decoration (chairs & décor), on-site assistant, keepsake marriage certificate.  Each package has a little extra touch to make it your dream wedding.

  • I Do Package: + minister
  • Photogenic Package: + minister + ukulele musician + photo
  • Party Perfection Package: +minister + ukulele musician + photo +video + reception venue fee + buffet or course menu for 10 people + Dessert Station (Depending on the venue, either Shave Ice or Ice Cream) for 10 people

You may modify or remove services from the package; however, the pricing remains the same.  We do offer à la carte services to customize to your needs.

Yes, but there is only one exception: for Kailana Chapel, you are not allowed to bring in an outside organist, caterer, or any beverages; they must be ordered through us. Except for that, you may bring in your own officiant and vendors. You must let us know 30 days prior to the event and you must take responsibility for confirming and bringing in the vendors.

In addition, the vendors you have hired must need insurance.  Commercial general liability insurance covering the Licensee’s operations and the Licensee’s use and occupancy of all or any part of the Wedding Facility, including broad form contractual liability coverage insuring the Licensee’s obligations under this Agreement, written on an “occurrence” form with minimum limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 general aggregate per policy year, and $50,000 per occurrence for fire legal liability, covering all bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and other covered loss (however occasioned) occurring during the policy term, with endorsements as the Licensor may reasonably request from time to time.

Please list: Aloha Aina Weddings & Events 2222 Kalakaua Ave Honolulu HI 96815


Any time! That is why Hawaii is the number one resort area to visit for vacations and weddings.
April to September is the spring and summer season, when the island sees the highest temperature and the lowest amount of rain.
October to March is the fall and winter season, when the sunsets are especially beautiful, and the sky takes on a pinkish-purplish hue. November to December is the holiday season, when all the hotels are decorated in Christmas décor. January to March is the whale-watching season. All throughout the year, T-shirts and shorts are comfortable wear. (Oh! Don’t forget to bring a light jacket, as some restaurants and hotels have strong air conditioning!)

Legal Marriage

Before arriving in Hawaii, please check the State of Hawaii Licensing Bureau or visit their website for further information.

Upon arriving in Hawaii, you can pick up the document from an authorized marriage license agent.  After the event, your officiant will file the legal documentation on your behalf.

All couples are responsible for applying for and picking up the marriage license. For couples outside of the United States, please verify your country’s legal requirements and check to see if there is a process needed to be taken in addition to the Hawaii marriage certificate.

The legal age to marry in Hawaii is 18 years, which requires proof of age in the form of ID or driver’s license. There are no residency or citizenship requirements. Both parties must appear in person to obtain the document.

Hawaii Wedding

It is rare to see heavy rain in Hawaii; they say that when it rains on you, it will bring you fortune! If it rains heavily, don’t worry—all our venues have indoor spaces where we can accommodate you in the event of heavy rain, which we rarely see.

The ceremony itself is 15-20 minutes long; the officiant will take you step by step. No worries!

Normally, for a 90-minute venue reservation, you can arrive 30 minutes before the start of your wedding ceremony to do a final rehearsal or check in with your planner or coordinator. The wedding itself is usually 15-20 minutes long, and after the ceremony, you have time to take photos until the end of the reservation time (the venue must be set up and cleaned within the reserved time).

Normally, the reception begins one hour after the wedding reservation time. You are able to stay up to four hours. This is a total of up to five and a half hours for the wedding and reception combined, including time for setup and clean up.

We can also customize the schedule to your needs, please contact us or your wedding planner for further information.

It is totally up to you! Most couples do a quick rehearsal on the day of their wedding. If you wish to have a rehearsal on a separate day, we can arrange it for extra cost. The date must be reserved, as we cannot do a rehearsal when there is an event going on.


Each venue has its own capacity number. Please check the venue information for further details.

Parking is limited, so it will be convenient for your guests if you order a limo or a shuttle for them. You may order transportation through us, or you may bring in your own vendor.

  • Hanalani Garden: Parking is limited, so we recommend visitors use a shuttle, valet service, or find street parking.
  • Kailana Chapel: Sea Life Park has parking, so please check with Sea Life Park regarding parking fees.

We do not hold dates. The dates will be officially confirmed once the non-refundable deposit is submitted, and the contract is signed.